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Suzanna raises her flock of Zwartbles sheep on the family farm in small green fields along the banks of the river Nore in Co. Kilkenny.

Zwartbles - an elegant black sheep (Zwart-Black, Bles-Blaze) originally from Friesland bred for wool, milk and meat. When autumnal colors start appearing everywhere and winter is drawing ever closer so you might like a warm 100% natural Irish wool blanket, or knit yourself a wonderful chocolate woolly sweater with our Zwartbles yarn. From wool grown in grassy small green fields along the river Nore in County Kilkenny.

The four white stripes on our blankets have a very good reason for being there. They represent the four distinctive white markings that all Zwartbles sheep must have to correctly represent the breed. (The white socks on the front legs are optional. The single narrow stripe on the blanket which represents the white marking at the tip of the long undocked tail. The second stripe on the blanket is the broad stripe or blaze that Zwartbles sheep have from the top of their head between their ears down to their nose. Finally the two narrow stripes on the blankets together are the two white stockings from the Zwartbles hind legs.

Freshly shorn Zwartbles fleeces are brought to the small family run woolen mill, Cushendale, in the village of Graignamanagh along the banks of the river Barrow. The fleeces are cleaned, spun into yarn for knitting also woven into blankets designed by Suzanna

Zwartbles Wool Blankets, Rugs & Yarn

The Zwartbles Ireland Blankets & Travel Rugs are woven to a traditional weight and have four white stripes which represent the Zwartbles sheep distinctive white markings. The twin narrow stripes represent the legs white socks which stop before their knees or hocks. The one broad stripe represents the distinctive white face blaze from poll to muzzle. The single white stripe represents the tip of the Zwartbles undocked tail.

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