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Walking Tour of Thomastown


Take a trip back through almost 1,000 years of history with a walking tour of Thomastown, following the route suggested on the map.


The tour starts by the bridge in town, and crosses a short distance to Grennan’s Mill on the south side of the river, before looping back northwards for a trail through the most historic parts of town.

Highlights include:

  • the medieval town wall
  • the 15th century Sweetman’s Castle
  • the remains of the ‘Thomple Thaeghawin’ (the Church of Grennan)

The rear of our map leaflet provides a short guide to these and all other features along the route.

You can download and print the map here, or else pick up a copy of it from most shops and other outlets in town. The walking tour is a great way for local people to get to know their town better – and a great way for visitors to make the most of their time in Thomastown.