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Kilkenny Activity Centre,
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Kilkenny Activity Centre - Splatball, Paintball, Bubble Soccer in Kilkenny

Kilkenny Activity Centre, as seen on TV3, BBC, RTE and Irish TV, is a purpose built activity centre which caters for groups from age 7+. Our activities include bubble soccer, splatball, paintball, giant darts, an outdoor assault course and loads of fun! We are located to the rear of the Orchard House Bar and Restaurant and our grounds, which cover five acres include two bubble soccer fields, four paintball arenas and of course our "Hells Kitchen" assault course.

Located just a short distance from the city centre we offer packages to suit individuals and groups alike, be it birthday parties, school tours, hens, stags, corporate groups or families looking for a fun day out. 


Splatball is a lower velocity version of paintball and is often the game of choice for families, hen parties and younger groups. We provide all our clients with a top of the range Splatball shotgun plus all the ammo you need. All safety gear is included.

Splatball in Kilkenny at Kilkenny Activity Centre

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is the latest craze to hit Ireland's activities industry and you can play it at Kilkenny Activity Centre. Just like soccer it is a team game played on a football pitch with the object of the game being to score more goals than the opposition. That however is where the similarities end. In this game the participants are protected by a big, inflatable bubble which covers them from head to waist with only their legs free to move meaning any efforts to actually play soccer bring hilarious results. Bubble soccer is played as a five-a-side team game with any number of substitutes which interchange regularly meaning no one is left out. It can be enjoyed by all ages and is an ideal activity for parties, clubs, hens and stags, corporate or just any group that are out for a bit of fun. Like everything we do we are not artificial - We play on GRASS…

Bubble Soccer in Kilkenny at Kilkenny Activity Centre


With four paintball arenas and a range of exciting games to include "Capture the Flag", "Protect the President" and "Bury the Dead" we offer a thrill-filled day out that's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Whether you choose to be the hero or villain, you've got to be quick on your feet and even quicker on the draw. 

Paintball in Kilkenny at Kilkenny Activity Centre

Team Building

We offer a range of team building games specifically designed to unite your group, workforce or team. You can tailor your event from our diverse range of outdoor activities, inflatable fun and of course the 'Hell's Kitchen' Assault course with it's unique team building challenges. All our challenges are designed to motivate and nurture a team spirit but above all to put a smile on each individual's face - there is no feeling better than being part of a successful team. 

Team Building in Kilkenny at Kilkenny Activity Centre

Treasure Hunts

What better setting for a treasure trail than the Marble City! Discover its history and visit its sights as the clues lead you through its warren of medieval streets and lanes. Our 'hunters' are supplied with a treasure map and cryptic clues and must work together to find the hidden treasure. But be warned there is another team on the prowl and the clock is ticking. Can you be the first to decipher the riddles? 

Treasure Hunts in Kilkenny at Kilkenny Activity Centre