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Kilfane Glen and Waterfall


Location: 3.2km north of Thomastown on N9 (opposite Long Man Pub)

Tel: 056 7727105


Kilfane Glen and Waterfall

Kilfane Glen and Waterfall is a pristine example of a romantic era garden dating from the 1790s. Untouched for 200 years, it is a picturesque paradise with a waterfall tumbling its way to a rushing stream and woodland paths leading to a cottage orné. Tiny bridges sit among ancient trees, wild fox-gloves, ferns and other historically correct 18th century planting.

The garden is listed as an Irish Heritage garden and was awarded assistance in 1993 by the European Union Cultural Commission. As an amenity it covers about 15 acres of easily accessible natural landscape. Other nearby gardens of historic significance are Altamount, Haywood (Luyteens), Mount Juliet, Woodstock and Ballymaloe Kitchen Gardens.

We are open to the public daily from 11am to 6pm from July 1st to August 31st. We charge an admission fee to the garden of €7 per person to keep the garden maintained. Reductions are available for students, OAPs and families. We love your dog but apologize but she is not allowed to visit Kilfane Glen & Waterfall out of respect for our resident wildlife.


Admission: €7.00pp (Reductions for students, OAPs and families)

Opening Hours: Open to the public daily from 11am to 6pm from July 1st to August 31st.

Wedding Photography - Access to the garden can be arranged with advance notice during all months except July and August.