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Irish Car Rentals


Irish Car Rentals
Dublin Airport, Dublin City, Cork Airport, Waterford and more.

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Irish Car Rentals

Irish Car Rentals offers cheap car hire services from a network of 15+ locations in Ireland. Renting a car from a member of the Car Rental Council of Ireland means you are using a company committed to providing a high quality car hire service to customers.

There are few parts of the world that can offer quite so much when it comes to driving tours as Ireland can. So much of this magical land is comprised of the most beautiful countryside, ranging from lush green valleys and dales, to spectacularly rugged mountains and coastlines, it’s never tiring to drive from one awesome location to the next. Add in the picturesque villages, filled with friendly locals offering that famous Irish hospitality, as well as more than 5000 years of history packed into a land small enough to ensure you’re never more than a few hours away from your next adventure, and it becomes immediately obvious why visiting Ireland by car has become so prevalent.

Irish Car Rentals in Kilkenny