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The charming village of Inistoige can be fully appreciated from an outlook point on the drive up to the exquisite grounds of Woodstock Gardens and Arboretum, which is a steep drive from the village but well worth it. Stop off in the village for a cuppa in the Circle of Friends Café, followed by a visit to Tunde Toth Papermaker to learn about the art of papermaking (by appointment only).

Hardy Food
Eat and Drink

Originally we could not find a single pesto that did not havesome filler, preservative or alternative ingredient in it. So we started making our own. An unadulterated pesto to an original Italian recipe.

Activity / Thing to Do / Heritage

The gardens date to the 1740's. Features include a walled garden, rose garden, rockery garden, a recreated Turner Conservatory, a collection of rare and exotic trees in the arboretum and much more including many tranquil woodland walks.

Tunde Toth Art Made in Kilkenny

Tunde is an arts practitioner specialising in traditional and contemporary hand papermaking, printmaking, textiles and paper art installations. Her recent practice explores reminiscence, recollections and visual aspects of memories.