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This is feast for lovers of craft. Call into Larry Kinsella and witness him crafting beautiful candles at Moth to a Flame. Enjoy a cuppa in the restaurant at Nicolas Mosse Pottery Factory before wandering around the pottery shop and observing how this internationally famous pottery is hand crafted. Call into Philip Heiter, a local wood turner, followed by a leisurely stroll along the River Nore.

Team Dynamics - Team Building Kilkenny
Activity / Thing to Do / Heritage

At Team Dynamics Kilkenny you will find a broad range of Team-building activities, physical / non-physical, indoor / outdoor challenges. All our activities are based on the concept of experiential learning.

Activity / Thing to Do / Heritage

Suzanna raises her flock of Zwartbles sheep on the family farm in small green fields along the banks of the river Nore in Co. Kilkenny.

Zwartbles - an elegant black sheep (Zwart-Black, Bles-Blaze) originally from Friesland bred for wool, milk and meat. When autumnal colors start appearing everywhere and winter is drawing ever closer so you might like a warm 100% natural Irish wool blanket, or knit yourself a wonderful chocolate woolly sweater with our Zwartbles yarn. From wool grown in grassy small green fields along the river Nore in County Kilkenny.