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Kilkenny Sub Aqua Club


Search & Recovery Emergency
Contact No: 0818 206206

SCUBA Training: ​087 2398778


Denis Coughlan 086 8221828 S&R Diving Officer

Jimmy Lenehan 087 2736930 S&R Training Officer

Nick Murphy 086 8535217 Club Chairman

KILKENNY SUB AQUA Club are a recreational Diving and Snorkeling Club.  We are affiliated to the Irish National Diving Organization, CFT, The Irish Underwater Council. CFT are under the umbrella of CMAS the world federation of SCUBA Diving. We have a membership of over 40 divers from those in basic Training to advanced Instructors.


Because we have our own Instructors we can do all our SCUBA training in house, lectures in our own clubhouse in Hebron Ind. Estate and in water training in Watershed pool.  Then on the ocean or one of the inland lakes. Some of our experienced divers then join the Search and Recovery unit.


We dive all the year round in Irish waters.  Local diving from shore is Hook Head, Club has 3 ocean going dive boats.  Launch the boats in Dunmore East or Kilmore Quay and dive the reefs and wrecks off the South East Coast.

Bank Holidays will find us in Cork/Kerry or up the west coast where there are many excellent dive locations staying in local B&B’s or Holiday Homes.

Club Facilities

Club House in Hebron Industrial Estate, consisting of Equipment Storage and garage facilities.         
Meeting and Lecture Room facilities with Projection Equipment
Dive Boats

                XS – 6 Mts. with 150 HP engine 
                Humber 5.8 Mts. with 150 Hp engine
                Humber 5 Mtr with 100 HP engine
                Boats are fitted with VHF, Sonar, GPS, Bottle Rack, First Aid and O2 Kit’s etc.
                Zodiac 4 Mts. with 40 HP engine mainly use as river boat for the Search and Rescue Unit.

1 Mobile Compressor, for Irish trips.
1 Electrical Air Compressor and Nitrox filling system
Trimix Blending setup



Kilkenny Sub Aqua Club SCUBA train under CFT the Irish Dive Training National Body.  CFT are a member of CMAS the world federation of country diving organisations. Your Dive card will be recognised worldwide in all Dive Centres and resorts.  We train from beginner to advanced Instructor.  We start with an Open Night in our Clubhouse where we explain to new divers and members what dive training and Kilkenny Sub Aqua Club is all about.  We then go on to the Watershed Pool for an in water session in SCUBA equipment.  Lecture and Pool sessions are in January and February which is usually the closed time for Ocean Diving due weather.

Not only can we train people to dive but we also run courses in Advanced diving and courses that make you a better diver and up your skill set, like Rescue and Boat handling courses.  There are lots of Speciality courses available and these are run when needed, i.e. Photography, Nitrox, Seasearch, Leading Diver to Instructor.  

Contact Eamon 087 2398778 or Nick 086 8535217


by John Ryan

In the mid-sixties Telefis Eireann delivered a glimpse of the underwater world of Jacques Cousteau into Irish homes. The wonder and abundance of life, with the intensity in colour of these exotic locations, left me captivated and was the key influencing factor in my life-long interest and love of diving.

So, how did I go about pursuing my dream? Well, Kilkenny being an inland city did not have any club, so I went along to Waterford. At that time, in the mid-sixties, places like Kilkenny and Waterford were very parochial, everybody virtually knew everyone else, so through a few contacts in Waterford, I was put in touch with Gerry Stokes. I introduced myself to Gerry who was at that time endeavouring to form a diving club in Waterford, along with Brendan Farrell, Junior O'Neill and Johnny Aylward. Very shortly afterwards Waterford Harbour Sub-Aqua Club was formed and I subsequently dived with the club for ten years.

In the mid-seventies, a few Kilkenny guys who were interested in diving approached me. I approached the instructors in Waterford and they suggested that we form our own club, and that they would give us every assistance in setting it up.