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Brewing and Distilling


This is a list of the Brewers and Distiller in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny City

Discover the Irish draft that took over 300 years to perfect. Uncover the history of Smithwick's ale in Kilkenny, a city steeped in brewing tradition.


This state of the art new distillery at Ballykeefe is the first Whiskey distillery to operate in Kilkenny in over 200 years. It revives an Irish tradition of family farm distilleries lost for centuries.

Costellos Brewing Company in Kilkenny

Located in the heart of Kilkenny, Costello’s are the new wave of Kilkenny brewers. We’re a family owned craft brewery, passionate about beer. 

Experience Kilkenny in a glass, enjoy a pint of Costello’s in a Kilkenny Bar or Restaurant.


The first written account of distilling in Ireland comes from Kilkenny in the 14th century with the Red Book of Ossory and the Kilkenny Whiskey Guild are celebrating and highlighting this history.

Kilkenny City


The clean hop bitterness and subtle fruit flavours from our cask ale yeast, add balance, interest and enhanced drinkability to create a smooth, balanced classic ale.

Kilkenny City
The Wine Centre is a multi award winning specialist off licence in the heart of Kilkenny city, having won the NOFFLA’S (National Off Licence of the Year) Leinster division for the past six years (2013-2018).


Walsh Distillery Royal Oak, where three styles of Irish whiskey – Pot Still, Malt and Grain – are created under one roof!