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38co boutique


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Proprietor: Cathy O'Connor

38 Kieran St

T: 087 9542336

W: https://38co.ie/

E: admin@38co.ie

F: https://www.facebook.com/pg/thirtyeightco38/

38co Contemporary Fashion - style is your individual art! Boutique shopping in Kieran Street, Kilkenny.

Snaps from the current 38co collection 2018

Photos: Greg Maclennan, at Langton's Hotel Kilkenny,  13 March 2018


Bringing my passion home to my loved home town Kilkenny has been a dream of mine since starting my journey in the fashion world – my education, experiences, travels and challenges have led to the creation of my new contemporary brand – 38co.

Having formed a career in Fashion Buying, combining this with my love of art and design, I decided in January 2017 that now was time to jump in excitedly and take the risk and follow that dream.

I began the journey by travelling from Nepal to Spain, Rome, Hong Kong and beyond, taking inspiration from all the beautiful people, cultures, colours and designs I encountered. These experiences and the inspirational people that touched me along the way. Are what would shape this brand and designs within?

I came across the premises on Kieran Street 2 years ago after setting up a charity pop up shop for a long weekend. This was my first taste of having a boutique and I had emotional feelings for this location.

For me, Style is an art form. You are a blank canvas – one that is fresh each day for you to paint to express your true self. Something we all struggle with, due to our own insecurities or pressure in everyday life. By finding your individual style to allow you to feel confident each day is an important journey of self-discovery, style can help define your personality.

The range was carefully selected for women through all walks of life, help women feel confident in their individual style every day. Reclaim your confidence – feeling comfortable, stylish and beautiful in your own skin. What is size? A number! This number will not show your smile, laughter, companionship, kindness which are what makes you. A wide range of the collection are one size pieces, a concept of clothing that allows freedom in the mind. The body and mind are so connected to how you feel within. Being comfortable yet oh so stylish leads to feeling confident, what more could you want each day.